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♠ 001 ; open } { i don't know what you've done to me, but i swear this much is true
and he falls into place
Gracin Collinsworth is really impressed with how far the Crowbar’s come.

The architecture has always been impressive. The fact, Gracin isn’t sure as to how you could cram so much compromise into one place. Wanderers and weaklings left and right, and normally this isn’t a place he would ever set foot in under any other circumstances, but he is there to make a point. He’s in Chicago to make a point, otherwise he and Sheridan would be far from here, and he would have some other piece of business to attend to, but orders are orders and Gracin always obeys his. Bad things usually tend to happen if he doesn’t.

He knows from the minute he walks in the door that he stands out. He’s well dressed and well mannered—most of the people in here wouldn’t know proper etiquette if it decided to bite them—and his disdain with the place is obvious, but this is a power play, and he isn’t about to back out now. He makes his way to the bar and sits on one of the stools, his fingers making a face at the sticky substance that happens to on the top of the wood finish. He sighs, before looking up at the bartender with a thin smile.

“Dalmore ’62,” he says, before holding up his hand. “Two fingers.”

In a different part of Chicago, lurking in the darkness of Grant Park, Paz Mendoza is cleaning up after another kill. This time around, however, it isn’t a human—Wanderer or otherwise. She was looking for some fresh blood on her hands, but instead she finds some kind of beast that has fallen through the Rift instead. She’s covered in oozing blue blood, and has a corpse to deal with, but this isn’t really anything new for her.

It doesn’t stop her from feeling disgusted with the situation.

Never let it be said that she doesn’t clean up her messes, however. She drags the body out of the public view, pouring gasoline over the corpse. Striking the match, she looks it over for the moment, sneering at this mess that the Rifts leave for them to clean up, before dropping the match onto the pile and letting it burn. The smell will attract someone sooner or later, but that’s not really her problem, is it?

Finally, in a back alley alongside a bar in the grittier area of Chicago, Stefan Salvatore is escorting a pretty blond into one of the darker corners of the alley. It’s unclear if she’s there of her own free will or not, but she seems pretty relaxed with him, so at first there’s no reason to be alarmed. In fact, it looks to be your standard make out session until Stefan sinks his fangs into her neck and drinks her completely dry of blood.

Yes, he’s aware that this isn’t the healthiest way to be dealing with his issues, but he’s having a good time. And he should be allowed to have a good time in Chicago. He has always loved this town.

Once he finishes with his ‘date,’ he lets her body drop to the ground, before turning and making his way out of the alleyway and back onto the street. After a quick check to make sure he isn’t covered in blood and that his face is clean, he slides his hands into his pockets and starts walking. His appetite is sated for now, but give it a little time and that could change. Especially if the right morsel happens to come along.

[Openish] The little voice in my head won't let me forget
tear down the world
Shaun Mason is having an argument with either himself or the dalmation puppy in his lap. Or so it would appear, to anyone sneaking up on him in the common room he's sitting in, muttering under his breath as he scritches Vector under her chin and behind her ears. What most people, unless they were psychic, wouldn't realise is that he's having an argument with someone else entirely, even if that someone is a figment of his imagination.

She knows something's wrong, Shaun, she's not stupid.

"No she doesn't," he snaps, soft enough you'd have to be next to him to make the words out. "She doesn't have to know. Just drop the subject, George. I'm fine."

You're still having arguments with the voice in your head, I think you're a bit beyond "fine".

Ah, psychosis. And puppies!

[open/joint post] i can see you on the horizon like a storm that’s soon to be.
☪ doppelicious
Elena Gilbert doesn't wallow.

She refuses to lock herself up in her room and cry about what she can't fix, even if her life has admittedly been an emotional rollercoaster the past week. More so than usual, and she's been down and worried. Stefan found his way to Chicago and it's not at all what she expected it to be, but she's determined to see it through regardless. Despite this resolve and overwhelming concern of hers, life doesn't just stop. She's been in Chicago for over a year, built a life of her own that she genuinely loves, and it's what she's trying to hold on to when the rest seems to have fallen apart. Again. She doesn't want to and won't give up on her loved ones, but she also has to live her life. A lesson she learned and is still learning.

While she's doing everything she can do to find Stefan and help Damon in the process, she can't ignore everything else. If she focuses on what happened that day at the Park, she'll drown and Elena doesn't accept that of herself. She survives this, too.

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α || 001. not finished
α || done

It had pulled her inward, like a force of wind suddenly being pressed to every inch of her from the inside out. The power, nearly all-consuming, still felt as if it would overwhelm her if she let it. It became her. It possessed her with all of its infiniteness and light.

Then it's gone. With a slight flicker of shock of her own countenance, she stands unsure and unaware. Her breath is held tight within her, the feeling as though if she were to exhale, if she were to let go something horrible would happen.

It's Chicago and Anna knows this. This is wrong, though, and Anna knows this too. It feels crowded, not in the bustling city way but in the 'there are too many here' way. When she exhales something does happen, her knees buckle and she nearly folds to the ground. Palms press to the rough surface of the sidewalk, feeling the cold that seeps into her. Looking around, she rises back to her feet and finds a bench to sit on.

Drawing in a slow breath, she shuts her eyes and reaches out.

"Castiel." She can feel him, but she doesn't go to him. It's simply a comfort to know that even with all of the wrong that's surrounding her, she can find one thing that seems right.
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And I'll Find Strength In Pain, And I Will Change My Ways [Open; Grant Park]
Tyler's not sure what's going on. He feels breathless as he comes to. The last thing he remembered was passing out after a transformation. His mother is supposed to be helping him help rescue Caroline. But his mother isn't here. And this definitely isn't the caverns beneath the Lockwood estate either.

Which begs the question, where is he? He rises to his feet, the disorienting feeling wearing off rather quickly. There are some perks to being a werewolf. It looks like he's in a park. How he got there, he has no idea. He kind of wishes whoever had put him here would have given him something other than these stretch shorts he wore for his transformations to wear though.

But whatever. He has bigger issues right now. "Hello?" He cried out, trying to see if he could gather anyone's attention. "Anyone here? What the hell is going on?" Is something seriously going whack in Mystic Falls again, or what? It suddenly seems like a good idea to check to see if anyone else he knows is here.

"Matt? Bonnie? Jeremy? Elena? Anyone I know? Anybody here can tell me what the hell is going on?"

He's tempted to call Caroline's name, but wherever this is, she can't be here right? She's still in danger. Which is why he needs to get home and quick. He has to help her. He owes her that much. And a hell of a lot more.

[locked] and a heaviness in my head.
smile ♓ while the candle still burns
[ OOC: Continued from here ]

It's been a while since Lena talked to a younger demon.

There was something about meeting this one that struck a chord.

Not that Lena saw herself exactly as she was all those years ago, but there were enough similarities she couldn't help but take to her. She remembers being that uncertain. She remembers being that disbelieving. And she remembers the difference it made when Sonny reached out enough times she decided to accept.

It made all the difference in the world, not that Lena's exactly thinking of a Pay It Forward kind of deal.

Still. She likes the girl. Lena Austen decided to buy Jess Ryan a cup of coffee as they deviate from the magical toy store. She can more or less figure what the younger girl is thinking, and maybe it's something Lena can help with. Even if it isn't, it will have been good to meet her, to let her know she's around if she ever has questions.

"What'll you be having? It's on me," she says to Jess once they step into the coffee house.

[open] my beacon's been moved under moon and star
(blond) 6
Where am I to go now that I've gone too far?Collapse )

Sometime on the fifth of January, late at night, Tonks found herself walking through Grant Park. Tonks doesn't remember how she got there or where she was before. Most of her day has been a daze.

She stops walking, suddenly. "Give him back..."

Tonks looks up at the night sky. "GIVE HIM BACK! YOU DON'T NEED HIM! I DO!" She doesn't care if anyone can hear her or see her yelling into the air. Up until this point she's either been afraid or numb. It isn't until it just bubbles out of her that she realizes how angry she is.

It's not fair.


Tonks wants to throw things. She wants to hurt someone or something until it feels as miserable and terrified as she does. It's not fair.

What is she going to do now?

[OTA] Risin' up, back on the street. Did my time, took my chances.
Semi empty street. Some time at night.
One minute he's in a motel in Concrete, Washington; brushing his teeth before bed, just minding his own business, and the next he's walking down an empty street, holding a tube of toothpaste in his hand. Not exactly his weapon of choice either.

Dean Winchester can't seem to figure out how he got here, but then again, stranger things have happened in the past so he's not exactly surprised -- just a little ticked off maybe considering this is probably another one of Castiel's holy interruptions. The last time Dean found himself in another city altogether, he was back in Lawrence, Kansas, and the year was 1973. 

Hell, he gets that he's not the kind of guy who'd go right ahead and believe whatever anyone tells him; most times a little show and tell is usually required, but Castiel couldn't have given him some kind of an explanation first before doing the time bendy crap?


Annoyed, he disposes the toothpaste by way of a careless, over the shoulder toss, and turns the corner, expecting to bump into the angel anytime now.


[ Sam Winchester's Place -- locked to Sam and Castiel ]

Hours later.

Dean has no idea what just happened, except he's staring at the reflection of a dog in the mirror. He cocks his head to the side and makes to touch his own face, but he's somehow not getting there. The little dog in the mirror seems to be having a spastic fit, or it's waving at him.

The elevator doors ding open just then, and Dean feels somewhat relieved. As entertaining as that chihuahua is, he's had enough of the trick mirror. The dog is now trying to wiggle its way out of the lump of clothing on the floor, and Dean turns around to find himself staring up at the rows and rows of giant doors in the hallway.

Oh, boy.

Truth be told, he has no idea why he's here even, except -- call it animal instinct maybe. There's something about this place... 

Now, if only he can reach one of the giant doorknobs.

"Hello? Anybody here?"


[open] Hello, rift, Bonnie is going through you. (grant park)
loves me not, Loves me
The eve of summer solstice, she had been in a cemetery.

There weren't many other people in Fell's Church who celebrated the day, so she'd been alone, in the same grove of trees she was fond of doing spells in. There was the park, of course, and all sorts of forests she could have gone to, but the ring of trees by the cemetery was unique, she'd never found another place like it. Sometimes, she felt like she'd stepped through time and entered a Druid's grove in ancient England.

Of course, she'd never actually stepped through any real fabrics of time before.

But tonight, as Bonnie had been lighting candles and setting them in a circle around her, one had fallen and slowly rolled down the grassy incline, down past her sheltering trees. Well, six candles wouldn't do. The spell definitely required seven.

Pulling her gauzy white dress up so that it wouldn't catch around her feet, the petite vampire stood and ran after the candle. She needed to get this spell done, and it was almost midnight.

She ran through the trees--but the candle wasn't there.

And when she turned, neither was her grove. Instead, there were other trees. Different trees. And a different landscape.

Bonnie wasn't sure what had just happened, or if this were all actually a dream and not real life, but something felt wrong. Everything looked wrong. And before she could stop it or think about why she was doing it, she began singing a song by The Smiths.

"Take me out tonight. Take me anywhere, I don't care I don't care, I don't care. And in the darkened underpass I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last, but then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask..."

As she sang, she turned in a circle, wide eyed, brown eyes frantically darting here and there and trying to spot something familiar.

Ω 001 ; open } { i got the surprise, surprise of my life -- i had to stop and stare
in the end you will give up to fight it
The first thing he notices is that the sun’s up.

It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if they had actually been driving all night, but Stefan knows for a fact that they haven’t. In fact, the clock on the car radio proves that. The digital read out says just after one AM, but from the looks of things, it was suddenly closer to one PM. That, and they seem to have just magically appeared in Chicago. Needless to say, Stefan is very confused.

“What … just happened?”

For Katherine, all her attention is on Stefan. It’s on Stefan until she realizes the interior of her car has impeccably good lighting for the middle of the night. It’s a hop and a skip to realizing it’s not her car, but the sun above them. Katherine’s good, but keeping Stefan’s eyes on her for four hours? She’s not that good.

She looks front before leaning back.

“The sun came up, Stefan.” She says it, stating the obvious. But, a glance down at the clock proves that she’s really not that good. “Somehow...”

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[You can either grab Stefan or Katherine separately, or meet them both when they're coming back to the car. Just specify who, and we'll tag accordingly.]