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In the city of Chicago, rifts open all the time, holes in time and space that pull things from other universes into the city. Sometimes it's just random objects, sometimes it's animals or monsters... and sometimes, it's people. The Rift continues to grow, creating supernatural abilities among some of Chicago's native inhabitants, and causing disaster after disaster.

On top of the problems created by the Rifts, this world is inhabited by angels and demons. The two species have been pitted against each other from the beginning. Angels were created to do good. Demons were created to do evil. However, it's not as black and white as it has always seemed. Angels and demons are basically human in their wants, personalities, and nature, but they all have callings that often drive them to do what they might not normally.

Living in Chicago is like living through a war. There's a constant battle against outside forces, who fear and hate what they don't understand. Wanderers keep falling through the Rift. Angels, demons, humans, and wanderers fight and love and die, and Chicago keeps getting stranger and more dangerous by the day. Such is life beyond the Rift.

Note: Both fandom and original characters are allowed here, as are AU versions of fandom characters. We allow one canon and one AU version per fandom character.

Current plot(s): Society

to join
1. Read the premise, the rules, and the frequently asked questions.

2. Look at the cast list and the list of characters on hold to make sure the character you want is available. You may want to check the list of wanted characters for inspiration.

3. Check out the info page that applies to your character: angels, demons, nephilim, supernatural humans and wanderers (all fandom characters will be wanderers).

4. Create a journal for your character, and then fill out the application. You can submit your application through this post or e-mail.

Note: Each player may apply once every two weeks. Any applications over the limit will be sent back, and you will have to reapply after two weeks have passed. No journal will be accepted to the comm without an application.

the mods
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General Mod Emailmods@beyondtherift.com
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